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. the president now leads among registered latino voters by 50 points. 70 to 20. and that group makes up a larger and larger share of the voters in the so-called new west. latinos now account for between 14 and 39% of all voters in colorado, nevada arizona, texas, and new mexico. some of these states are swing states, and while texas and arizona are considered pretty safely red that actually could change with the demographics. the number of latino voters has been growing steadily across the country. 7.7% of eligible voters were latino in 1988. this year, 23%. for romney to overcome his unpopularity with latinos and other minorities he has to win 60% of white voters. and a republican strategist confirmed that quote this election is the last time anyone will try to do this. the last time. joining us now echaveste. she served as assistant to the president and deputy chief of staff for president clinton. she is now a political and policy strategist at mvg and a senior fellow at the center for american progress. welcome back inside "the war room." >> thank for having me.
, to get out the latino vote? >> i think they will, and i think the latinos covered that very heavenly and they'll hear about that exchange over and over again. when romney talks about self-deportation, he tried to define it as a choice. when he talks about deportation. that's not a choice. self-deportation means encouraging people to get themselves out of this country. that is something that really is not for the community and will be an issue that will help drive not only latino turnout but votes to the president. that's what republicans have been doing non-stop for years now. >> jennifer: mark, obviously the latino vote key in several swing states, but the president also worked in a few of the swing states in a response about energy. let's listen to it. >> obama: i'm all for pipelines. i'm all for oil production. what i'm not for is us ignoring the other half of the equation. on wind energy when governor romney says these are imaginary jobs when you have thousands of people in iowa, working, creating wind power with good paying manufacturing jobs. >> jennifer: how much of an advanta
the latino vote? >> i think they will and i think the latino media covered that very heavily. when romney talks about self deportation, later on he tried to define it as a choice. deportation is not a choice. people have a choice right now. self deportation is encouraging people to get themselves out of this country. and i think that will help drive latino vote to the president. >> jennifer: so obviously the latino vote key in several swing state, but the president also worked in a few of the swing states in a response about energy. let's listen to it. >> i'm for pipelines and oil production. what i'm not for is us ignoring the other half of the equation. on wind energy when governor romney says these are imaginary jobs when you have thousands of people right now in iowa right now in colorado who are working, creating wind power with good-paying manufacturing jobs -- >> jennifer: how much of an advantage is the renewable energy issue alone in those swing states? >> it's a really important issue because people understand that we have got to rely on american-produced e
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from latino civil rights leader caesar chavez. the president and national latino leaders dedicated a new national monument for chavez today. we have a flurry of new tv ads to dissect. we're going to get to at least a couple we hope. first one, let me ask you, michelle, the romney campaign released a new tved a with a liar argument. here is a part of it. >> president obama continues to distort mitt romney's plan. the latest not telling the truth about the tax plan. even the obama campaign admitted it wasn't true. >> jennifer: actually i'm going to ask this one of karl, because the romney campaign isn't telling anybody whether the ad is running. >> i think it's disenginous and ironic that they would release an ad calls lying, and not tell anybody where it is returning. if you want to give 20% tax cuts to every american that is $5 trillion. what is difficult is to get really detailed on romney's plans when they are not laid out specifically. so what you find from the fact checkers is that they are not being completely accurate but they always put in there the discl
, with the latino voters, a this jewish posters in west palm. the supreme court in my view voted like they were police force captains. >> jennifer: absolutely. now this time there is a whole push on the part of the obama campaign to get lawyers to key places. obviously florida is a target place, and i think there will be lawyers in all of these states. what is the role of those lawyers? >> the lawyers are there to make sure people potentially being denied the right to vote are allowed to vote. in 2000 the report of voter intimidation. it happened also potentially in ohio in 2011 -- things take place in these states where certain things are done to try to prevent people from voting. so the lawyers are there to help, so when people show up they can actually vote. >> jennifer: lawyers are recruit recruited across the country to be stationed literally at the precinct. and they want to pair up -- we want to pair up but they have sent somebody there. we're going to send a lawyer there to make sure every citizen has access to the ballot box. >> absolutely. and democrats do better w
think this race was always fluid out here in colorado. there is a huge number of latino voters in this state, and mitt romney is doing terribly among latino voters. i think this will be definitely a turnout election. it is going to be a 2008 turnout or '2010 turnout, and what does that actually look like, and it's really anybody's guess right now. and i would say this, one thing that i think democrats can be -- can feel good about is that senator michael bennett was actually ail to win a closely contested u.s. senate seat in 2010? a bad year for democrats nationally. so colorado is hard to predict. >> jennifer: what are you hearing? what does it look like on the ground? are democrats organized? does it seem like they have their act together? >> the way i perceive it is the democrats campaigns are much more organized. but it is an uphill climb because the economy is so tough. it's an uphill climb especially after the debate there was extra local attention on that debate. there was so much residual coverage of that in the local media here that president ob
on northern virginia, the exsurbs around richmond city and hampton rhodes. large latino registration since 2008 about a 20% increase in latino registration. and also young people. so those are areas where we're really pushing to make sure the vote comes out on november 6th. >> jennifer: it is safe to say the biggest part of your effort will be getting out the vote rather than persuasion? really a huge effort is in gotv right? >> the persuasion eh fore has been going on. this effort has been working for weeks, months even. so persuasion has gone on and certainly over the next eleven to ten days here it is a get out to vote now, which is a two-step process in virginia. because we don't have voter registration. we have to identify someone who is leaning our way, and make sure they get out and exercise their fundamental right to vote. in 2008 we had a 75% turnout. so we're really pushing, the largest the turnout the better -- >> jennifer: talk to me quickly, the republican's ground game. we only have about 30 seconds, but what are they going to get out the vote that you ha
. particularly, i went door-to-door with latino canvas workers. they were just getting it out and working like crazy. i think the obama campaign has got their stuff together there. >> jennifer: so many people have made up their mind and acted upon that early. >> in nevada, another state where the latino vote is really changing the picture. >> jennifer: you were there. you saw some of that, too. >> just last week. crowds of californians are going there. have gone there for the last three weekends, particularly to with a shaw county which is a swing county near reno and down by vegas. those two areas are just a hotbed of activity right now. >> jennifer: all of the swing states, all of the stuff is going on even while everybody's attention is focused on the east. >> completely. >> jennifer: and do you think -- i mean we've seen obviously the president -- being presidential. we've seen mitt romney as well. are there missteps here? >> on the president's side, he looked picture perfect today. a picture of leadership. a pictur
uppick of black and latino students on campus. >> jennifer: i think it was a pretty engenius move to take the top 10% because you will get more diversity that way. 73 of the 90 friend of the court briefs that were filed in support of affirmative action were entities that would benefit from having a diverse, say, employee pool. tell us who some of those are. >> scholars, statisticians, scientists, military government officials, corporate officials, saying this affirmative action programs in general are good for us to train future corporate, military, or political or just general citizens in this country. it allows people to understand what it is like to work with people of different backgrounds, experiences, viewpoints, which sometimes comes through in different skin color, because what race you have ends up helping really how you see the world and how you interact with other people. and to be able to interact with people who see things differently is a huge plus. >> jennifer: in fact the military is one of the entities that filed a brief in support too, righ
relevant. and a big part of that is to reach out to latino voters. and jeb bush is warning that the problem with hispanic voters is so bad that texas, texas! now a red state could turn blue by 2016. so speaking of 2016 if governor romney loses to president obama, jeb bush becomes a leading gop front runner. automatically. so what is the likelihood that he is going to run? here to discuss that is joe hagen, joe has penned the article "bush in the wilderness" for this week's edition. i'm so fascinated by this piece. it was really so in depth. you really got inside of what was going on in the bush family. let's start with jeb. so why didn't he run this time? >> well, he was born. and he definitely wanted to and he had a lot of people asking him to practically begging him to. but what ended up happening was there was some issues inside of his own family -- >> jennifer: like what in >> well, his wife who has never been interested on being on the political stage with him. she has long been very much in the background extremely private. she does not speak english
critical and florida, that the latino vote along with the women vote is the key cohort. and we have seen that. blow it sup a big story, and that's not the actual substance, but that clearly is hitting a very targeted micro group. >> jennifer: well the numbers are important, and in florida obviously this is an important issue, not just immigration but the ground game for the gop, and "the tampa bay times" tweeted today that yesterday the gop had said that they had 10 million voter contacts in florida, and said they taught 5.7 million contacts in florida. this is not just each day, this is over all. so you saw a big number yesterday, and then they sort of contracted it. it seemed like yesterday they might have been exaggerating their numbers, and changing them day-to-day. the voter contact aspect of things is the most key part of the ground game. they seem to be using the romney ryan way of talking about the deficit to do their voter contact analysis. first of all you can't have that type of a difference between the two numbers. that would suggest that there may not be q
. 500% higher than if you're a latino voter than a white voter. plus 3.2 million voters were wiped off the voter rolls in the last election. this time, it will be worse and how does this happen? how come black voters have a tough time getting their ballots counted? how come they get wiped off the voter rolls. >> jennifer: what's the deal? what's going on? >> two things. data trust and teamous. it is a giant data mining operation that was funded and created by the koch brothers. data trust is run by a guy that george bush gave the flowery name of terd blossom mr. karl rove. he runs something called data trust. these operations act like electronic drones, knocking out and challenging the votes the ballots and the registration almost exclusively of minority voters. >> jennifer: how does that work. i don't get it. how does that electronically happen. i don't understand the mechanism. >> there's two ways. for example, i was the reporter that broke the story for bbc of how katherine harris back in 2000 knocked of
. there are many latino and african-american churches that are organizing souls to the polls, caravans to encourage early voting. for viewers who don't know what that is, do you think it is an effective strategy? >> on sundays church services get buses together to go vote. they would make it part of something that the community did. the african-american church, going back to the civil rights movement. that continues through the early voting which to tell you -- to answer your question about how effective it is, the reason we know it is effective is because it is one of the things that was targeted in some of the voter laws in florida trying to make it difficult to vote on sundays so that tells me that obviously someone thought it was a little bit too effective if you will. so look, current data showing that the obama campaign appears to have an edge on early voting. you know we'll see if that trend keeps up. it is very important for the african-american voter turnout to the campaign. really quickly i interviewed emanuel c
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)